12 bands high power cell phone jammer
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    AM radio interference usually manifests as sound or music distortion. The interference from the TV station was recognized by the hum of every now and then. AM interference is easier to identify by tuning specific radio stations within the local station range. Monitor the TV interference by listening to the local channel and looking for a consistent sound modification with the planned change. Remember that the problem is that audio equipment is so important that radio or television stations should not be convicted.

    Radar systems, including airport radars, military and weather radars, often disrupt audio systems. Radar interference usually manifests as a high-pitched hum and burst, which is repeated a few seconds later. Most powerful radars rotate several times per minute, and may cause interference, as these radars point to the direction of the audio system. In the case of AM or TV, radar interference is usually limited to a range of 1.5 to 5km (3 miles).

    This type of high power jammer is sometimes difficult to eliminate. Improvements in equipment grounding can sometimes solve this problem, especially if the grounding is located on a relatively remote electrical panel. Cables that shield or filter the entry points of the device, especially the mixer and power amplifier cables, often improve the situation. Winding the audio cable and adding the ferrite filter to the connector also helps the system run smoothly. Some devices do not have enough filtering on the input circuit. Device makers are often the best sources of information, and most can help.

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